This Revolutionary Tiny Home Is Made of 96% Reclaimed Materials

This Revolutionary Tiny Home Is Made of 96% Reclaimed Materials

Check out some amazing tiny homes like the Arched Zebu - Made of 96% Reclaimed Materials. These homes are a part of a great Pinterest board called Fun & Funky Playhouses and Tiny Homes. Pinterest is a wonderful online platform where you can create idea and inspiration boards filled with all of the great ideas that you find all over the internet, or through other Pinterest users pins and boards. Pinterest began to gain momentum in 2011 when it was still only available through invite only. People actually had to wait to be invited in order to join and create a profile. Now, it is one of the most widely used forms of social media used by millions of people all over the world. Pinterest is actually a wonderful tool to use for tiny home building or off grid living, since you can browse the tiny homes that other people have found out about.

You will be able to look through this awesome list for a while, there are all sorts of creative tiny homes to browse through and be inspired by. There is the tiny home that a woman created a whole tiny home village around, that is absolutely amazing! When you click on the photos, the photo you clicked on will enlarge, and then if you want to find out more information about what is in the photo, you click on it again and it will take you to the website where you can read more information about the tiny home in the photo. There is everything on this list, from tiny house tree houses, to back yard play houses, as well as city dwelling tiny houses that are incredible. There are also Pins of tiny house components like bathtubs and other fixtures that fit into these tiny spaces and make them more liveable.

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I love the sculpted cob tiny house, in one of the pins, it looks so adorable and interesting, a very original tiny home design. Or the beautiful green house, terrarium style tiny house, isn't that one so beautiful? There are also some great tiny houses on wheels in this great Pinterest board. You can see some of the awesome designs for tiny houses on wheels that people come up with and see a photo tour of some of them as well. You will be amazed to see some of the great tiny houses and sheds built entirely out of glass bottles, now that is recycling! Some of these tiny houses are so incredible they look like sweet hobbit houses that belong in a fairytale or a story book. I love the look of those and find them so enchanting and interesting to look at. The cob and adobe built homes are really spectacular as well, and to think that these tiny houses were built out of the Earth and other all natural materials.

The tiny house movement is becoming the tiny house revolution and there are so many people jumping on board. People are beginning to see more and more that it isn't the size of your house that matters, it is how you choose to live your life that is the key. The people with the least amounts of stress usually have the simplest of lives, living within their means and having time and extra money to spend on things that they love to do. When you read stories about homes like the ones you will see on this Pinterest board it will inspire you greatly, and you will have your mind opened to a way of life you maybe never even knew was possible. So have a look through some of these amazing tiny homes and pin your favourites to your own Pinterest board!

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